Doc Holliday pulled out his pocket watch. It was 5:20. They were due into Albany at eleven.

Kathern Kaye, clapped her hands. “My deal.” she said.

They settled into a three handed card game. Martha returned to her paper book.

They played several hands, with Doc winning one, Kathern winning two and Archibald winning one. Doc had trouble concentration on the game, and played poorly. Then at seven the porter rapped on the door to announce that supper was being served.

The siblings were eager to dine on a train, having never done so before. Doc declined joining them. He said he was going to rest awhile.

After the three had left, Doc loosened his tie, placed one of the fringed pillows against the window, and lay back. His chest hurt. He wondered if he was having a heart attack. He slept.

The three siblings returned to the sitting compartment at nine to find Doc sprawled out across the bench seat. His color was bad and his breathing was shallow. Martha rang for the porter.

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