Moving Out Part 2 2nd Continuation

The News report continued: “Stay indoors, and if you are living near the Philadelphia/Trenton area, try to avoid contact with others. This just in, all the bridges connecting Philadelphia to New Jersey have been shut down.”
I sat there in awe. My books dropped to the floor, and I thought, “How the new president going to handle this?”
My mom walked into the room, “Why aren’t you in school?”
“It wasn’t a prank. Did you see the news? The report started scrolling as a marquee on the bottom of the TV screen.
My mom also stared in awe. And then the quietly stated: “I’m calling your stepfather now…”
Two hours later, my mom came down in tears. “Were going to talk about something tonight at dinner.” And then she walked into the kitchen and stared out into the back yard. I went to my room to try and get my mind off things.

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