Work Mode

Looking rather embarassed, he mumbled something about forgetting his phone, grabbed the pile of keys, wallet and phone on the dresser, and left again.
I sighed. Then my phone started vibrating. Opening it, I saw it was from Cricket. He started babbling in Spanish. I knew Spanish well enough to ask him to slow down and start over.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Getting dinner, I was gonna get food when I heard you & Lin’s… arguement.
“You got some explaining to do Mister,” I scolded.
“Sorry, I just sort of kicked into ‘work mode.’ This all happened so fast, I go into ‘work mode’ under high tension.”
I sighed. “Well get back here with something good, we’re starving.”
“Wait, did you say ‘we’?”
“Just get the food and get back here, okay?”
“Keep your hair on, I’m getting pizza.” Click.
“Good news Lin,” I sighed, “we got pizza coming, and…”
I turned around, finding Lin in a corner, emersed in deep, serious, Japanese conversation.
And I do not understand a single, solitary word of Japanese.

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