Diary of an Abuse Victim (4)

Day 5
February 7th

He made me say things to him today. He told me to say things like, ‘That feels good.’ and ‘I love you.’ When he told me he was done with me I went to the bathroom and threw up a couple times out of disgust. I felt so unclean.
I am afraid that this weekend he will be even worse with me because I have no escape to school for the weekend.

Day 6
February 8th

He woke me up very early this morning and told me to get up. He made me get into the car and we drove around and stopped somewhere, but it was too dark to tell. He turned towards me and pulled my face to his. Then he did something awful. He pushed my head to his lower area and told me to unzip his pants. I pulled them down slowly and saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He made me put my mouth around him and pushed my mouth and head up and down. When he finally came in my mouth I tried to spit it out. But he yelled, “Swallow.” and I had to.
If I thought my mouth felt dirty yesterday, I was wrong.

**Note; This is not a true story.

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