Can't Believe Your Eyes?

The nerds filled Edgar’s hospital room like he was the Dahli Lahma handing out the keys to Disney Land. The cheered as they passed around the pic of the captain of the cheer-leading squad almost naked with her arms around the biggest geek in the history of organized education.
“Attention, if i may. I only want to tell the story once. First i would like to Norbert from the audio visual department, and Cecil, for discovering that Ms. Bellview is completely blind without her contacts.” Edgar thanked like he was receiving an award.
The doctor interrupted, “Listen kids it is not ok, to sneak into a girl’s bedroom and molest her, masquerading as her boyfriend. This boy has his nutsack stapled to his leg, where she ran his family jewels over the net like she was Venus Williams. You boys can’t believe contortion of the testicles is somehow worth payback on a snobby girl.”
woo hoo
The doctor shook his head and replied, “Well maybe there is no hope for y’all, but we always have more staples.”

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