Solomon's Curse (Part Two Of The Five Part Miniseries)

“It says you shall feel pressed flesh and know the desires of the heart. You will love like the sun loves her companions who never flee from the sky, but you will only chase shadows. The fruit shall wither on the vine. Grapes becoming raisins in your mouth. Your brides become banshees. It means that I have loved deeper than you will ever know. From Queens to handmaidens, every mother’s daughter’s soul blew away in the grasps of my love.
So if you continue to flirt with me you will fall hopelessly in love, and for an instant you will have something that only a handful of people on this planet will ever know. Then still while the taste of this forbidden fruit lingers in your mouth: it’s gone. Maybe a car wreck, maybe one drunken night you will give in to betrayal and lust with another. Maybe I will be arrested and you will only see me on the other side of a cage. Maybe the sun will supernova and consume the planet, but it will happen. It will! I have seen love die more than you could ever imagine.”

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