Back by the Dead Midgets (again)

“Lighten up, Elsha.” Krulltar walked up with Mighty Joe’s body hoisted in a fireman’s carry. “They haven’t seen the truth yet.”

“Truth or no Truth, if they run, I’ll pump them full of more holes than this series’ plotline.” Elsha retorted.

“Fair ‘nuff” Krulltar dropped Mighty Joe’s body, and look towards Stovo and JustAnotherWriter. “I doubt you two can out run bullets. If you decide do run, just remember, you’ll die tired.”

“What do you mean we haven’t seen the truth? I’ve seen the truth of how you systematically took out members of the LoA!” Stovohobo bellowed.

“You’ve been misinformed. I’ve killed no one.”

“What about OrangeOreos.”

“Ok, I blew up Oreo’s penthouse apartment, and no one has seen Oreo’s assistant Carl since, but Oreo is hiding somewhere in the miles of catacombs beneath this desert, along with the dozen or so wanna be Jedi ficleteers.”

“Well, you killed Dr. Tim”

“Technically, he was already dead”

“Well, we all saw you kill YodaOnCrack!” JustAnotherWriter added.

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