Time for answers

The kitchen was nice, and there just sat a nice plate of eggs. Sydney had said about eating, and my stomach was growling now, so I think I should eat them. They taste good, nice and warm. There’s a problem though. Even though I ate them, they didn’t seem to make it to my stomach. It feels just as empty as it did before I ate. I take another bite. Nothing. Eat a little bit more. Still nothing. Somethings wrong, and it doesn’t make sense. As a matter of fact, not a lot of things make sense. I’m starting to wonder whats going on.


The mother stood over her daughter once more, her face was dry. Her eyes were void of anything. No more anger, no more hope, no more sadness. Just an emptiness, staring towards the poor girl in the bed. The door opened, and in walked the nurse.

“Miss, the paper work you requested is here. I will need both signatures for it.”

“Don’t worry. I will be taking it home with me.” Even in her reply, she didn’t turn away from her daughter. “We will need time to think it over.”

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