Kevin and the Propane tanks -3

couldn’t open the valves. By now he knew what the problem was; the last three tanks had somehow overloaded and were blowing out from their relief valves.

Finally, with almost super strength, Kevin used his legs against the railing and pulled with all his might. To his relief the valve cracked open. The roaring in his ears stopped, and the quiet was painful.

He quickly opened more valves to two empty tanks, than ran back down the stairs to the office. The trucker was still there, looking out the window. Kevin ordered him to go out onto the street that ran passed the plant and stop any traffic from driving through the propane. The driver ran to the east and Kevin went west.

Nothing left to do, but wait and watch. Suddenly a breeze picked up and within minutes the propane evaporated.

In the morning light it was discovered that the guages had frozen up at 70%.

Hundreds, or thousands of people slept peacefully through that night thanks to Kevin Pickler, who made a difference.

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