Before Summer's end

I held Rose tighter in my arms, absorbing her proximity as much as I could. We kissed, and didn’t stop kissing until Rose suddenly pulled away, gasping and gazing at me with half-crazed eyes.
I stifled a laugh at her expression.
“I just realized something! My aunt lives in Atlanta!”
It took me about two seconds to see what she was getting at, and I felt my eyes light up. I was still lost in her eyes, which made it hard to formulate words, but they came soon enough.
“Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!”
She giggled and hugged me tightly.
“Yes! We could spend the rest of the summer together! Oh Tyler…”
I stroked her hair, taking in all she’d told me. I only stopped smiling when a rude thought interupted my mind’s peace.
“But Rose..”
“Hmm?” she mumbled into my shoulder.
“Summer ends for me in only two weeks.”
She looked up at me with a hint of dissappointment in her eyes.
“That’s stupid… ours ends after labor day, but two more weeks with you sounds like heaven to me…”

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