Into the Ocean, End it All...

I sat on the edge of the rock, looking over the misty bay. Thinking long and hard, I thought of him, and whether it would be worth it. I never thought it would be me getting ready to jump, breaking the barrier between life and death. My stomach churned as I stood up. It would be a long way down. Why not? There was nothing to stop me, no one cared.
Counting it down, moments of my mind flashed before me. I took a few steps down.
3, 2,
I turned around to see him running towards me. He wrapped his arms around me, picked me up, and carried me away from the jagged shoals I was about to jump into.
“I love you. I’m sorry for everything I said. I didn’t mean it. Forgive me, and never, ever pull that shit again. I don’t want to lose you.” Then he kissed me as I cried into his shoulders.

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