Top of the Tower

All of us froze instantly. I felt Angela and Dailey communicating through their minds. I reached out to them quickly and included James and the King.

Don’t think! It sense brain activity. Otherwise it doesn’t know we’re here! I yelled and then shut down my mind. I had no way of knowing if they others had too, but for their sake I hoped they listened.

After forever, the Kemio left. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

“That was to close!” Angela shreiked.

James and Dailey let out a nervous laugh. We all continued up the stairs on shaky legs.

“How long were we waiting for that thing to leave?” I whispered, afraid to speak any louder.

“About a hour…” Dailey answered me. An hour?! None of us moved an inch for an hour!

The Stairs dragged on forever. Now that we weren’t running for our lives, we had little engery to keep us moving foward. Another hour past and we ffinally reached the top of the stairs.

“Finally…” Angela muttered, looking around at the old cluttered room.

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