Mother Needs Me

“Klindra!” A messanger came running up to me. He stopped and bowed out of respect and waited for a singnal. With a sigh I waved him on to complete his mission.

“Your Majesty, the Queen, wishes to speech with you now.” He told me, his head bowed.

I sighed again. “Thank you.”

I looked at Blyant and he sighed. My mother couldn’t know we were together. No one could know we were together. Luckily, Blyant’s hair covered his ears and he tried his hardest not to look so pale. Once the messanger left, so did Blyant. He was there, holding my hand one second, and the next he was just a vivid memory.

I walked outside into the lush green forest that was my home. The trees all dripped moisture onto the pathways. I could hear the storm going on above. It was days like this I loved being outside. For the sole reason that no one else was. It was peaceful not hearing anyone… not that an elves step could be heard, but you know what I mean. I reached my mother’s place then and entered slowly.

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