Detectives Know How To TXT?!?!

c u soon

The phone made a faint blip as Detective Schmutz closed his cell, and sped down the highway towards Kansas.

He had quite a ways to go. He had just passed the exit to St. Louis, and his cheesy puffs were already running low.

Normally, he wouldn’t make such a long commute to work on a case. He was strictly in-state only.

But you can always bend the rules when close friends are involved.

Detective Schmutz pushed the pedal lower at the thought of his dear friends’ death almost 10 years ago… He had tried everything to find who killed them, what killed them, any clue at all!

But it was his ultimate failure. The murder was perfect.

Or, rather, it had been, until he had received a frantic message from their now 15 year-old daughter.

Somehow, she had found some vital piece of evidence. She wouldn’t say what, only to come as quickly as possible.

And so Detective Schmutz found himself on the case, pedal to the medal, eating cheesy puffs on the way to the Kansas border.

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