Disturbed Youths Useless Encyclopedia: Titantic Edition


(don’t ask. i found this book just lying around soooo…..yeah, and some of it just makes you want to punch the people in the face!)

Entry 76-

Titantic Math: Life Jackets-3,095; People on Boat-3, 095; Maximum Allowance of People all the lifeboats together could hold-1,175. yeah real smart.

Entry 77-

They nearly threw a baby overboard thinking it was a bundle of clothes, luckily it started crying and they realized their mistake

Entry 78-

Alfred Rush turned 16 the day the Titantic struck the iceberg, when told to get into the lifeboat he refused saying, “No. I’m staying here with the men.” he died later that night.

Entry 79-

Some of the ships general cargo included: 12 cases of ostrich plumes, 300 cases of shelled walnuts, and 2 barrels of mercury. (just what every normal sailing cruise ship brings. yup)

Entry 80-

There was only 2 bathrooms for the Third Class Passengers. There happened to be 700 of them.

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