Unwelcome Interuption

Summer laid on her bed with her feet kicked up in the air. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and having tons of fun. Both of them were laughing and joking around, messing with one another. She never wanted their conversations to end.

All of a sudden Adam went really quiet.

“Did you forget about that?” Summer heard a scarily calm, deeper voice ask. She couldn’t hear Adam answer, but she assumed he did since his dad continued talking.

“I do not appreciate you breaking the rules” What kind of parent talks like that to their kid?

Then the phone went quiet again. Summer waited a few minutes until Adam returned. She let out a sigh of reliaf that he came back. They hadn’t talked for but half a minute, well really it was just her talking, when the phone went silent again.

Summer stayed ont he phone for half an hour hoping Adam would come back. When her parents finally made her get off the phone, he still wasn’t back. She could only think the worst, and worried about him the rest of the night.

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