Ficblog: One Prolific Summer

Well, I hate to admit it, but we must all face the fact that “the summers die one by one,” and “how soon they fly!” With the school year ever looming, or even in full swing in some places, I have the suspision that activity’s really going to cut down. But that’s okay! It’s about quality, not quantity, people. Just take a peek at the previous ficblog entry.
Thinking about the start of school around the corner got me thinking: how prolific were we all during this summer? So, as I so often do, I decided to track down the answer by any means nessessary.
From the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day (May 26), to the most recent ficlet (as of the last time I checked), we’ve written around 8,081 ficlets.

Wow. That’s about 84 ficlets a day, & about 3 ficlets an hour.

Double wow.

Kudos to all!
And to all those who are returning to school as students, teachers, administrators, janitorial staff, whatever: good luck in the coming year!
In the words of our GAM , “go on about your awesomeness.”

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