Tears in my dream

I wipe my tears and then suddenly I realize that I am wide awake. Everything feels dry and empty. I look at my pillow. There is no sign of any tears. Horrified, all I can do is get up from the bed. I have been crying in my dreams again. In fact, that is the only time I can cry, when I am asleep. I feel the tears dripping down my face. When I am awake, it is all gone, as if all my tears have been sucked in by the pillow. When I cry in my dreams, I feel a breeze that wipes away the sadness from my face. My melancholy returns as I get up. I feel like a parched leaf hanging out in the desert.

Lately, every night I have been dreaming, I have been crying. The details are murky. Strange as it sounds, crying is the highlight of my dreams. However, I am never ready for the sudden ending. Like falling inside a dried up well, I feel like I’m about to hit the bottom. I woke up with a sudden emptiness, confused. I want to go back to sleep. I want to
dream, I want to cry.

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