I have also had time to ponder several things – where did my human parents get me from? How did I pass into their hands?

This year I turned twenty, a sign of maturity here in the kingdom, but according to dragon age, I am nothing but a wyrmling.

Solitude is easy to deal with, but I’d much rather have company.

Dragons usually live alone in their lairs…but seeing where I am, I obviously have no lair, and it has been months since I last spread my wings – literally.

I can keep up a human facade rather well – the only thing that can truly reveal me for what I am is a mirror.

If you see my reflection in a looking glass, you’ll see a green dragon looking back at you.

Although sometimes that can be prevented when I want to view my human self…but it’s extremely hard.

Flying is by far my most favorite ability – but I haven’t done that for a long time, as I said.

I’m getting quite fed up with being locked up in here.

Maybe I should just eat the guards and get it over with.

That doesn’t sound half bad.

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