Time is of the Essence

Night had fallen completely, and yet, my heart seemed to quail at the prospect of escaping.

Chin up! You are a dragoness! You cannot be frightened!

But I wasn’t raised as a dragon.

It doesn’t make a difference. You’re still capable of tearing them to shreds.

I sighed and buried my head in my hands. Now I have voices arguing in my head.

After a few minutes of internal battle, I steeled my nerves and got up from my bed.

I was garbed in hardly the most appropriate outfit; I was wearing a gown that swept the floor – and of course, it was green in color.

I found that I had an unnatural draw to the color of emeralds – it mesmerized me, much like the eyes of the wolf lure the sheep.

The dress would most likely be a hassle, so I stole down to the guards’ quarters and took the smallest tights I could find – the shirt I took was baggy, but served the purpose well.

I put my cloak around my shoulders, and clasped it shut at my neck.

I was ready.

Now, question is, what time is it?

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