The tickle. (( Limerick Challenge [= ))

Judy had started to tickle.
Out fell from her pocket a nickle
The city she stirred
When she fell in dog turd
And laughed so hard she threw up a pickle.

Jane walked by the big laughing child.
She looked down on her and smiled
But on the pickle she tripped,
Through the turd she slipped
Must admit, she looked pretty wild.

Ms. Jamie looked on them with shame,
“For this who have we got to blame?”
When inspite of herself,
Hit her head on a shelf,
Fell in the turd, and looked pretty lame.

The tickler of Judy stood by
She laughed with her friend named July
“Wow what a nerd”
“That was alot of turd!”
“This is going on ficlets tonight.”

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