Sleep By Night

I finally plopped into my bed, feeling full and comforted.

The milk had tasted good, with the chocolate cookie – it was just what I needed.

I thought about Tony’s mini speech. He was right, I admitted it, and I did need the rest.

Still, there were things pricking me at the back of my consciousness, and I couldn’t seem to get rid of them at all.

Again, I returned to tossing and turning until I got into a more comfortable position.

Much to my elation, my eyelids started drooping and I felt the faintest tug of the strings of sleep.

I closed my eyes, and lay still, bidding slumber to come.

I wonder what Grandma’s doing now… I thought; my ideas were slowing down, kind of like when you see something being put in slow motion.

I could practically feel my brain shutting down, and it was a welcome sensation.


I pulled the blanket up to my chest, and leaned back into the fluffy pillow, trying to ignore Lin’s snores.

And finally, I slipped into the realm of much needed sleep.

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