Journal #3 : Questionable Origins

“I have the power to tell lies from truth!” Mary Sue declared, standing up with a renewed and (authoritative?) aura. The air around her seemed to glow.

“My father was a half vampire half werewolf, and my mother was the outcast of her clan! I was born with a prophecy, and I’m being chased by hunters who want to kill me!” she announced, her eyes now turning red.

Max frowned at her. “Didn’t you say you were an orphan?”

Mary Sue’s eyes became black. “Just go with the flow, bub.”

I’m not even gonna ask.

“So…as I was saying, I need to go get my homework done,” Max continued, gesturing behind over his shoulders nervously.

Please let this work.

“I hope to see you around…”

“No! You cannot leave!” Mary Sue said, putting a hand to her chest, “you are part of the prophecy, and you must come with me!”

That was enough for poor Max – he turned and ran again, not heeding the cries of Mary Sue behind him.

And then, suddenly, she was next to him.

“I have super speed as well!”

Can this get any worse?

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