Jessie Bo (Jailbird Chhallenge)

Dear Emma Sue,
Plese forgive me for not showin up to get hitched with you. I gots a reel good reason. I gots a nice cell here in Florence, colorado. They call this place super max. I think it’s cuz of all the tall pine trees on them mountins across the vallee. Anyway, what happened was, me and Mad Dog, and Cowboy, was having a batchler partee for me. You know, cuz me and you was gettin hitched. Anyway, we was drinkin lots of beer, lots of beer. Then Mad Dog sez we autta get my truck washed afore the weddin. So we went to the qurter to a carwash. I put in a 5$ bill and nothin happened. So we got mad and kicked all the walls down. Then the stupid cops came and the fight started. I swung the water-wand hard as I could and hit a cop on his head. Guess that’s the mane reason i’m here. Got a good job tho, sumthin I can do when i get out, makin lisense plates. I made me a fren to, Big Bubba. He’s doin the riting for me, and he makes sure that nobody knocks the soap outa my hand in the shower.
luv you Jessie Bo

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