Collision part 2 (Twilight Challenge)

I noticed how this Jeremy was holding up all of the metal that should have hit me. “Doesn’t that hurt?”
“What that? No, I work out.” Then he did this cute winking thing. Then I saw the blood trickling down
his back. “Oh my God. You’re bleeding.”
“No I think it was the poor soul in the seat beside you.” Jeremy winced at the blood. “You don’t like blood?” He laughed, “You can say that.” So while we waited for the EMS ’s to save us we chatted. It was like we were both meant for each other. But there was still something nagging at my mind, but I couldn’t think of it. Soon, the fire fighters cut through all of the metal to us. They saved everyone that was still alive, which were only ten people. And most of them were on the left side. I was taken to a hospital, mostly because of shock. Shock for all the dead. Shock that Im alive. Shock of meeting a boy named Jeremy who vanished. Just, poof. I even knew why because once my mind was cleared of the funk I knew what was nagging at my mind: Jeremy was a vampire.

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