Second Chance (Life and Death challenge)

I stood on the edge, looking down. It was a long way. It wouldn’t hurt, I told myself, it was better than the pain I felt inside.

I focused on the pain. No one cared about me. I was invaluable, worthless, and just a speck on this huge planet. It wouldn’t matter if I lived any more. I didn’t have to.

The wind whipped at my clothes, my body swayed. I closed my eyes and rocked with it, willing the wind ot carry me away to my destiny.

My foot slipped. I fell. I opened my eyes. I was falling fast! I saw a pole. I might hit it. I was going to hit it!

I grabbed on and my body swung as the inertia from the pole transferred to my dangling limbs. My arms protested as they were twigs.

Let Go! I yelled at myself, This is what you want!
But now given the choice, this odd second chance, my body felt the adrenaline rush of fear instead of the ache of hatred. And all my memories, both sad and happy came back to me.

I held on. It wasn’t my time. Not yet.
I waited for the fire department to rescue me, laying on the pole.

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