The ballgame

Night had settled in. The 50 lights, ten on each pole, were lighting up the ball field like daylight. The scoreboard lights indicated it was the bottom of the ninth. The score was two to one in favor of the guests, the Z. Pikes, over the home team, the Brown Bruins.

The crowd grew quiet. Two titans of the game were now facing one another. The two young men were brothers, separated at birth.

Billy Diehl was the pitcher for the Z Pikes. His record was unmatched by anyone in the league. His brother, Zane Carpenter was the MVP of RBI ’s.

The two men on first and third; they were primed to run, they were elated that Zane was at bat.

Earlier that evening there had been lightening in the distance, and both teams hoped to finish the game before the storm broke.

Zane pounded the plate with his bat.

The windup, and Billy threw the ball, just as Lightening struck the light pole and the stadium went dark. But even in the dark the crowd could hear the crack of the bat.

They called the game a tie.

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