Calling out to You

Spontaneous huh?” I groaned trying to blink away the sleepiness. He stood up.
“You aren’t mad, are you?”
I shook my head almost imediately.
“No! It’s just you aren’t. . .” I trailed off searching for the right words”Normal!” He looked away and smiled an inside smile, almost like he was sharing a very funny joke with himself.
“And I’m just curious, but why are you here?”I asked and patted the bed for him to sit down beside me. He sat and replied.
“Well, for two reasons really. One: I wanted to see you. Two: You sort of called me,” I gave him a puzzled look.
“Sort of?”
“Your dream Kirsten,” He spoke. I tilted my head and tried hard to remember last nights dream. I could faintly remeber running beside a shadow, my strides matching his perfectly till there was a blinding light and . . .
“I called out to you, didn’t I,” I whispered. He nodded, his eyes far away.
“Why!” I suddenly shouted.” You think you can walk into my life and be so mysterious, come when I call out to you and charm me with your smile!”

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