One Last Question

Guillaume was begining to feel sorry for this girl. She had simply been walking home from school, when she was swept away by a car-full of vampires. Never mind the fact that she was annoying.
“Wake her up.” Mathieu was the first to speak for hours. He was talking about Amilie. “We’re gonna have to take a boat.”
“Boat?” Florence’s eyes flashed in fear.
“It’s unavoidable, dearest.” Soon, they came to a dock. Not until they saw the swarms of tourists did the four-some realize how disheveled they looked. Guillaume’s eyes filled with tears. “What… what if it’s all for nothing. If it does nothing to help us?” Everyone was silent. Instead of answering, Mathieu found a ticketbooth.
The boat was going to Hawaii, and from there, they would take a plane to Japan. From Japan? They would just have to wing it.
On the boat, Amilie found Guillaume alone. “Gull? You don’t mind if I call you that do you?” She waited for a nod before continuing. “I have one last question. How can you… stay in the sun?”

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