The Cameraman Upsets Mommy.

The five year old skips out of the room. The mom smiles to herself as she turns her attention back to the sales contract she’s working on.

“Mom?” the five year old interrupts her train of thought.
“What honey?”
“When will we get the pictures?”
“umm, I don’t know.” she said only half listening. Then, “What?, what pictures are you talking about?”

“The pictures the man was taking of me.”

A chill as cold as ice swept through her. “What man?” she asked, trying to control her emotions.

“The man at the park. Can I have a cookie?”

“No!” she said, too sharply. Then, “Honey, what did the man look like?”

“He looked like a daddy. Why can’t I have a cookie?”

“It’s too close to supper time. Why did he look like a daddy?”

“He was smiling, and he was wearing a funny hat.”

“Honey, go play. I have to call daddy.”

With trembling fingers she dialed.

“Steven and Associates” answered a voice.
“I need to speak to Steven. I’m his wife and it’s an emergency.”

“One moment, please.”

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