The Horrible Fate of Vampirism

Who would think that you would miss these things once you could not have them anymore…The taste of a ripe watermelon, juicy and sweet in your mouth, the smell of the wildflowers, the golden afternoon light that spread like the wings of an eagle over the meadows. Who would think that the loss of things like these would cause you so much pain in your heart, it is as if one has sunk a dagger into your chest multiple times in a row.
And now I am left to the darkness in this oblivion. Left only to the dust covered furniture, to the musty smell of ancient. No more do I taste sweet melon, but sour, spicy blood. I try to stop taking it in, but it is like an addiction, a need. I cannot stop. Not for anything. Day after day I am stuck in this place. I think it may be suffocating me…But when I try to catch my breath again, I remember…There is no heart beat in my chest. No life in my lungs. I am a vampire.

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