The boys discovered a skeleton

The four boys romped around the huge fallow field for hours. Using sticks they wacked the pods from giant weeds and looked for treasures like old horseshoes and antique glass bottles.

Time flew, then suddenly they noticed the sun was dangerously close to setting. They all knew that it was not a good idea to be late for supper, so they struck out for home.

The edge of the field was above the dirt road. There they stopped. Before them was an old, red brick boarded up school. But what got their attention was the black sedan parked alongside of it. The school had been abandoned as long as they could remember. The big old cottonwood trees, some of them dead, cast eerie shadows over the dead grass of the school yard.

The boys ran down the incline toward the sedan; using it to break their acceleration. At the car they glanced inside. The front seat was empty, the backseat however, was not.

There in the backseat was a black cloth covering a human skeleton. Part of the skull and an arm bone were visible.

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