Home at Last

Bloody, scarlet light glamourously draped the scenic world around me. Only the small, black silhouette of the lighthouse stood on the horizion of my vision, erected like a great stone that could of been there for millions of years. The awe-inspiring sphere of golden light that seemed to sink lower and lower into the velvety ocean was the sun, shining it’s last rays onto my face. The salty breeze caressed my bare legs and tossed my turquoise skirt around my knees coyly. I knew that I could stand here forever if I wished, not to worry about a single thing anymore. I could just stay here in the faltering sunlight, the beautious sunset, staring out to my real home. The sea. Always I have wondered what it would be like to know your true home. The place where you belong in peaceful bliss for eternity. I have found mine. This place is my life. My love. My definition.

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