Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 13

A likely story…just the movie? Please. Caden and I were having a convo on AIM . C’mon Lorraine be smarter than that. He felt you up the last time then told everyone about it. You expect him to only think about a movie.
Of course I do, I typed, _What else could he possibly do?
Hmm, let me think here…..uhm….yeah lots of things can also be done.
Shut up. You’re just jealous that I don’t like you anymore Caden didn’t type anything for quite a bit and I felt that I had one this arguement. But then he typed a response.
Please Lorraine. I was a very happy camper when I discovered you didn’t like me anymore. I had a fricken party.
That comment made my anger rise, Idk, I’m still not caring about what you’re saying and I’m going over to his house tomorrow. Done.
Alright. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you. idk how but somehow this is going to bite you in the ass. And then Caden signed off, leaving me with a pleased smile on my face.
I had won after all.

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