The Drifter is Unsurprised (Drifter challenge)

I’ve seen the effect humans have had on this planet; the erosion, the smog, the acid rain, the smoke, and mostly, the garbage.

I was headed away from the Santa Ana winds when the fires started and could see them behind me for hours as I walked.

I was in Arizona when they released endangered gray wolves back into the wild in a nature preserve. And heard the gunshots at night on the ranches as I sadly left the desert.

I awoke to many hazy sunrises over the high rises of Chicago, often cursed at, once mugged for my coat, and was witness to a watermelon robbery off the back of a truck.

I was near Virginia Tech having a slice of Key Lime pie at a diner when the place went silent and the tv turned up so we could remain vigilant to the news of the shooter.

I’ve been on the beaches, picking up trash in the early morn, walking the coast of the Hudson as trash barges constantly carried smelly loads, and ducking under fast foods cups thrown from passing cars.

I am never surprised by human ignorance.

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