Hadron's Debate

In another part of the cavern system…

A group of about seventeen of the “creatures” were in deep debate about the shortlings.
“How did you say they came here?”
“I told you, they just appeared!” Vahl cried.
“Vahl, you know as well as the rest of us how matter is supposed to work; things don’t ‘just appear.’”
“Well, the shortlings did! I swear!”
All the personell, some military, some scientists, some who were both, gave Vahl a sidelong glance.
“But what if Vahl is right? What if they did ‘just appear’?” one asked, rising.
“What are you suggesting?” the High General asked.
“They could be from another dimension. We don’t understand how they just appeared, they don’t understand either. Maybe our dimension and their dimension are crossing each other.” A murmur rippled through the crowd.
“Well, there’s one way we can settle this,” the General stated, rising to his feet. To Vahl he barked, “Bring in those first two you found! That’s an order!”

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