Science Fiction...ey

Stardate 2764-152, 14:56 Earth Time. Year 5 of the Corvatti attack and subsequent destruction of Earth II.

As of yet, no one knew why they hated us, but everyone knew that they were to be feared. It was this overwhelming fear, a sense of dread, that had settled over the whole group of ships that now floated through uncharted space. We were called a Scout Team by the Navy, but everyone else knew us as a Suicide Squadron. Families had cried as our vessels departed, knowing the chances of us coming back alive, or sane, were infinitesimally small.

We heard alarms before we saw them coming, red lights flashed warning signs and words were shouted over the loudspeaker. Our job was to find, not to fight, but the assault frigates we had were ready for either. The main deck shook as 45 Avenger missiles fired, but they were like fireworks compared to the plasma blast that tore through the ships next to us.

That was all we needed for a full retreat, and as the hyperdrive fired, I knew this battle was far from over.

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