I say angels. You think beautiful, celestial beings. Huh, hate to brake it you, but, contrary to popular believe, angels are butt ugly. In their defense whenever you see one you fall to your knees, you cant help it, everyone dose it, read the bible. You feel this incredible happy feeling. You cant seam to pull your eyes away from them. Your brain, observing you reactions, thinks to itself,”O, they must be beautiful!”
As I entered the angels campsite. They all looked up from roasting there marshmellows around the fire. (I know angels and marshmellows. wierd combo, but apparently they came up with ‘em. No wonder they taste heavenly. O, ha ha). I fell to my knees.(couldn’t help it.) I felt a wonderful feeling. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.
“Devil sends his blessings.” I said as i stroke a match and lit the fuse of dynamite that encircled my torso. “He accepts God’s challen-BAM.

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