The Paranormal Sufferings of CJ Motley

I should be a normal kid. I live in a normal neighborhood, I go to a normal school, I see normal people around every corner!

I should be normal.

However, that is not the case. Since I was little, I have been haunted. Ghosts alone wouldn’t be as scary, but it’s not just ghosts, It’s demons too. They sure are miserable bastards.

How would you like to be attacked by an Orc while eating dinner? Or to wake up ten times a night to kill some stupid-ass Minotaur?
Yeah, it’s all super fun times at my place! My friends just love to sleep over and get hacked in half by a demon! Fun times guys, fun times!
I have one friend who has enough spritual power to fight demons, although they congregate towards me because I am the biggest threat to their legions with my off-the -charts spriritual power. We are extremely cautious whenever we hang out because the demons have no other targets around but us.

I have gotten used to it though. All this is normal now. The only thing not normal…Is me.

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