An angry tear sizzled down my cheek.
Such a strange thing tear, they come at times of strong emotion. Sometimes pain. Sometimes joy. This time..anger. I* *WAS ANGRY
I came home early. I broke up with Stacey. I wanted to get as far away from Highschool asap. So i walked home instead of taking the buss. I only took the bus for Stacey. Of course you tend to brake up with a girl when you catch her chewing on another guys tongue!
I knew my mom was atractive, but i never pegged her as one to cheet on dad! Of course i didn’t peg stacey to cheet on me , but cheet she did. Mom unfortunatly did likewise.
The anger is gone. In its place the burning, unquenchenable desire for revenge. I watched my mom lick the guys neck through the window. They dont know i am here. They dont have to know. I turned away from the window, took a little walk and considered the best way to go about my…profitable? predicament.

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