All Over Again

Toby’s mom entered the Realm in horrible shape. She was border lined deliruose. Not as you might think of surprise, but of fear. It was happening again. All. Over. Again! This time it wasnt her. This time it was.. it was Toby, her baby boy! “Welcome to Battle for the Realm” bellowed the voice. She fell in a dead faint.
She awoke, at night, to the pungent smell of smoke. Toby was shaking her. “Toby she cried. O my
God, Toby! Your allright. Thank God!” she then switched to mommy mode. “Toby!” she yelled in scorn,” How did you start this fire? I have told you not to play with it! Just because we are in this cursed computer game does not mean you can disobe-”
Toby placed his hand over his mother’s mouth. “Shhhh” he said,” It’s okay mom. I didnt start the fire.” He then smiled warmly and added,” My guide Fairyman did!’ He gestured to the cloaked figure by the fire.
Toby’s hand muffled his mother blood curdeling scream as she saw Fairyman.
“He’s back!” she thought.

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