The Cat Curiosity Killed Riddle

Poor cat. He couldn’t help it. Curiosity was in his genetic makeup. He didn’t want to die.
It was all that darn curiousity’s fault. here is how the story goes.
Poor cat. was walking merrily along. Minding his own buisness. Licking his own paws. Not bothering anyone. When mean ‘ol curiosity comes along!
” Cat,” said curiosity,”I have a proposition to make for you. I will answer the question you would most love to know. Only if you choose to die. Right here. Right now.”
Poor cat did, without thinking, what any cat would do asked his question.
The answer he recieved to the question he asked curiosity was the key to coming back to life, to minding his own buisness and licking his own paws without bothering anyone.
What was his question and what was the answer to it?

here’s a hint:
curiosity killed the cat is a welll known saying. What isnt as well know is what brought the cat back.
‘curiosity killed the cat, but (blank) brougt him back’
is how it realy goes.

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