Chasing Shadows

Janine sprinted down the sidewalk, maneuvering around pedestrians like a F1 driver navigating the curves at Monte Carlo. Between two women with striped shopping bags from the upscale boutique down the street. Past four men in business suits returning late from a three martini lunch. Around a woman struggling to collect papers that had fallen from a folder she had dropped.

It was if Janine had truly never run before. She wasn’t just as fast as the wind. She was the wind. Nothing would stop her. Nothing could catch her.


A glance showed that there were no impediments for her pursuer either. The indistinct shape moved like a dense cloud of gnats, hovering above the ground – slipping between and around the same people and obstacles.

Something was wrong. In a panic, she looked down at herself. She had fled. But only half of her. As her shadow ran further and further away, she became vaguely aware that her body was screaming in terror.

Sitting outside the office.

While her boss looked down at her.

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