Maybe Death Awaits

“Would you two quit it. The cops can take care of themselves.” Bobby said.
“We don’t have to quit it. Just because…”


“What was that?” Billy whispered.

“Maybe the cops shot the murderer.” Ernie said.

“I want to go home,” David said.

“Maybe the murderer shot a policeman,” Billy said for orneryness.

David in tears now, said, “We can’t get out of here.”
And it was true. The front seat was cordoned off with wire mesh and there were no door handles in the back seat.

“He’s gonna kill us,” David blubbered.

“Look!” Bobby said, “There’s a light.”
A dim, yellow light appeared at ground level in the old building.

The boys were quiet now, straining their eyes to see into the darkness, to get a glimpse anything. Time stood still, like a rollercoaster on the apex before the first descent.


Only the sound of breathing could be heard in the policecar. Then Bobby said, “Someone’s coming.”

They could see a flashlight sweeping the ground as it approached them.

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