Dan-D-Motel (Writing Prompt. "20 minutes later)

Twenty minutes later here I sat under the neon glow of the Dan-D-Motel. Only the cooling ticks of the engine breaking the silence.

Michael was inside the motel office getting us a room. My hands, curled in my lap, were moist, and my face felt flushed. Even though it was my idea to get a room I was nervous. I looked at the cars parked in front of the various units and wondered if there were any other girls here giving up their virginity.

Ashley had said, “It’s no big deal. Wham bamb and he’ll be done, and you wont have that stigma of being miss snow white.”

“Will it hurt?” I asked.

Ashley made a wavy motion with her hand, and Tish said, “Only a little, and there might be a little blood.”

“You’ll want to wear some panites that you can throw away, just in case.” Ashley said.

“Yeah, my mom would freak,” I said.

The motel office door opened and Michael came out with that big dopey smile on his lips. I love that smile.
“Number 17,” he said, “Your age.” He handed me the key.

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