Hello, baby

As I looked at the ultrasound monitor, I wondered what my baby would look like. Would she look like her father? Would she look like MY father? Who would she act like? More importantly, how can I make sure that she doesn’t make the same mistakes I did?

As the nurse wiped the cold jelly off my bulging belly, I pulled my shirt down. So far, it had been an easy pregnancy; no complications, not even morning sickness. Why then, was there a knot in my stomach now? Why did I feel so sick thinking about raising a child? Her father would be there, helping me. I had several friends with children, but it wasn’t the same.

I was responsible for this one. I had to do right by her, even though I didn’t know what that meant yet. I had to make her happy. How do I do that?

Suddenly something my own mom used to tell me echoed in my mind. “Choosing to have a child is choosing to allow your own heart to walk around outside your body.” ACK ! I wasn’t ready for this. Still, I had only a few months to GET ready.

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