Waiting for the Kiss: What goes on in the mind of a girl.

Why can’t your face move faster? Why can’t it end the waiting? Er, why so slow? Come on! I thought you wanted this as much as I did. So close. Almost there… it’s a gap of like three inches dude! Not that far. Oh give me a break. Did your batteries die or something? Did you freeze or are you really moving that slowly? Just a little bit further. Damn that sounds dirty. Oh who cares, not like anyone can here this. I want what I want and I want it now. So hurry up already. Please! So close. Wow, how am I not shaking from the suspense? Maybe I should just go in for it. This is unbearable. Yeah I should just go for it. Why’s it always the guy huh? That’s it. I’m going in for it. Wait. Maybe not. It could insult his masculinity or something. That’s all I need an insecure boyfriend. Ok so I guess I’m going to have to continue waiting. Continue waiting here in sheer agony for you to grow freakin spine and just ki-....

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