The Haunted Hoopty from Hoodrat Hell...(Tad Winslow's People's Choice Halloween Challenge)

Tyrone Biggum twitched in the dank alley greedily eyeing the burnt stem making the rotation.

“I’m tellin’ you SON ! That hoopty was Haunted! It had a devil in it…sumpin’ wasn’t RIGHT !” he shrilled all the while holding in the precious smoke.

“Yeah man,” said Lil’ D, ” what happened to that ol’ beater you used to sleep in? I don’t see it parked over on 53rd no mo’.” Big D and Average D muttered their lack of interest in the fate of Tyrone’s erstwhile home.

“I’m tellin you bitch, it was Haunted!”he croaked,”I’d wake up in the middle of the day-sleep drivin’! Pretendin’ to be a Beetle taxi! People put they shit under that hood and they just disappear, hood clunk down on ‘em and they GONE !”

“Nigga please,” the D’s Nuts Crewe expressed their skepticism freely ,”lyin’ ass crack smokin mother…”

Tyrone opened his eyes after the hit to find himself alone, D’s Nuts gone, he heard a gentle rumbling noise behind him, like the engine of a vintage Bug at idle.

“Oh shi-”, a trunk slammed shut followed by a belch…

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