Sunday Night Stinkball [The Sweetest Stink...a Challenge]

“Dude,” Jer called.
“I think i just dropped a nugget that could peel the paint off a Nuclear Submarine,”
“You mean, the type that could make an onion’s eyes water?” i tried.
“Onions don’t have eyes,”
I shrugged, “But if they did?”
“Oh shit, ya, they..”
“Oh Jeebus!” i shuddered.
“I can smell it from here .. Jeebus, Jer – you reek,”
“Beautiful ain’t it? Chip?”
Jer and I engrossed ourselves in the football game; Dallas ahead by a touchdown when..
“That one was warm dude.. i could feel it down my leg,” I said.
“That can’t be good!” seconds passed, “Pheww dude, what crawled up your ass and bought real-estate.. Jesus, man, you could bottle that up, and stick it in a missle, and vacate the whole of Afghanistan and Bush would kiss your ass for life,”
“You think?”
“Well,” Jer shrugged, “maybe not with a stink like that,”
“UH oh!” Jer laughed.
“Dude! that’s so bad my eyes are bleedin’”
Running to the can, Jer took his smell with him.
“I think i just had a SHART !”

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