E! Trew Hollywood Stoary...The Second Coming of Crotchy

Languishing in obscurity, licking his wounded pride, it was at this point in the late 70’s that Crotchy was at his lowest. After the incident with “those meddling kids” he was left with a severe dog phobia, which led to a debilitating case of agoraphobia, that left the usually reclusive Crotchy a total shut-in. Sadly, even this got him no press.

Eminent psychiatrist Dr. Wanker worked with him tirelessly on his issues, eventually deciding the surest way to cure Crotchy of his dog phobia would involve immersion therapy with a canine of his own.

And so Crotchy met Crusty. It was difficult at first, but Crusty was a specially trained therapy dog who knew his work well. Very quickly they developed a special bond, and Crotchy taught his canine healer several silly tricks that would eventually lead to a brief stint on David Letterman’s mid eighties hit “Stupid Pet Tricks”.

Having finally regained the limelight after so many years futile struggle, Crotchy retired gracefully with his dog to Terre Haute , Indiana.

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